Will AICHAIN Be the Future of Blockchain?


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The lesser-known EOS token has become one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. As of April 30, 2018, EOS’ price has soared from $5.60 to $20.48 in one month. Despite skepticism, the cryptocurrency market has once again seized investors’ attention.

“It was the rising value of cryptos that disseminated blockchain technology,” said Mr. Kai Duan, Founder and CEO of AICHAIN, a fast-growing company that combines the idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and blockchain. “Developers are increasingly attracted by its fortune, and conversely, blockchain has benefited from stronger human investment.”

AICHAIN has gathered a team of AI professionals who are experienced with blockchain. “Our partners are all operating businesses, and they work together to release their resource modules on AICHAIN. AICHAIN provides a basic platform to help users publish their data resources, including algorithmic software, and then assists them in managing and distributing their licenses.” Mr. Duan explained, “AICHIAN does not develop or provide AI modules, but it can dock with AI applications.”

AICHAIN aims to build an ecosystem that covers all possible consumer needs, such as finance, education, career, entertainment, etc. AI Recruitment and VR-AI Tutor are the first applications under development.

Traditionally, job seekers bear the risk of personal information theft when third-party recruiters are involved, but in an anonymous blockchain system, job seekers can post their information without privacy issue. AI recruitment can then match employers’ requirements with job seekers’ profiles through algorithms. Mutual access is granted if either party is interested.

Similarly, students can find the most customized content from an AI tutor. With VR technology, users can enjoy an in-class learning experience without leaving home.

“The main source of personalized AI products is the diverse content contributed by users, and users have the opportunity to choose different modules to customize their applications,” said Mr. Duan, “AICHAIN records transactions to ensure the benefits of contributors. If our users are incentivized to contribute data, they will be more willing to be engaged in the process of AICHAIN application diversification.”

Like EOS, AICHAIN is a public blockchain. The underlying public blockchain technology is a major restraint of blockchain application development. “There are roughly two ways of improving public blockchain technology. One is to improve the processing efficiency of the underlying blockchain. The other one is to build a SDK, or service layer, on top of the underlying blockchain and find ways to integrate third-party applications.” Mr. Duan commented. “My view is that there’s greater chance of a breakthrough in blockchain with applications.”

By building a benign data ecosystem, AICHAIN creates an environment in which both users and developers can benefit.

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May 9, 2018 at 12:20PM

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