Triforce Token Launches Beta of Highly Anticipated Raidparty Social Platform


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TriForce Tokens, a blockchain gaming project, has announced that they will be releasing the first part of their technology on May 7th.

RaidParty to connect gamers from all platforms and games

Called RaidParty, it will be released through the Wargate MOBA mobile game, which was made possible through an integral new partnership with TheGameWall Studios. The release is limited to the first 150,000 players, so interested users should sign up here quickly for a chance of winning ETH and FORCE prizes. Within the first week of registrations, TriForce Tokens received more than 21,000 users signing up, so space is quickly filling up.

RaidParty is a social platform for gamers, with a focus to connect the entire gaming community together, regardless of the game played. It allows gamers to earn FORCE tokens while playing the games they are already playing.

Based in Cambridge, UK, TheGameWall studios are a veteran of the gaming industry, with close ties to the rapidly emerging Latin American indie market. With high standards of fun, innovation, and quality, TheGameWall studios is famous for indies such as HUSH and Guns and Robots.

The GameWall Studios will be an excellent addition to TriForce Tokens other partners, and, which in combination have a global reach of over 10 million gamers.

Play WarGate for a chance to win 10 ETH

WarGate is a 3 v 3 multiplayer game for mobile devices, fast-paced and packed with action to keep gamers hooked. There are prizes as well to compete for, including a 10 ETH jackpot for one player. To qualify for entry, players must play at least 10 matches within the 30 day period, where they are then entered into a prize draw for the 10 ETH.

Players also have a chance of winning a 3 ETH prize in an endless runner, called Twisty Roads. Players who are able to get higher than a score of 150 will automatically be entered for a chance to win this prize.

Potential to win FORCE tokens

Players that don’t win the jackpot prizes still have the opportunity of earning free FORCE tokens for completing certain objectives on a range of games being released. These tokens can be redeemed at a later development stage for gaming merchandise, exclusive access to certain content, and of course, traded for other cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms.

For the near future of the gaming project, June will see full integration kits for game developers on all major platforms: Play store, App store, Unity3d and unreal. In July, Triforce Tokens will apply for the ISO27001 industry standard for tech companies to ensure the utmost standards are being met.

November will bring about phase 2 features, such as the beta version of their central API intelligence engine. TriForce aims to be the most prominent gaming cryptocurrency by the end of this year, with global expansion and a full production release in January and March 2019 respectively.

To learn more, visit TriFroce Tokens and TheGameWall Studios website. Watch the RaidParty teaser video, and follow them on Twitter to stay updated. To keep up with news with TriForce Tokens, check out their BitcoinTalk, Telegram group, and follow TriForce token on Facebook and Twitter.

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May 9, 2018 at 11:15AM

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