SGame Pro™ Announces Launch of the World’s First Mobile Gaming Aggregator Platform


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SGame Pro™ has announced the launch of the world’s first mobile gaming aggregator platform. This decentralised, blockchain-based platform will allow players to mine for the company’s newly launched crypto-token, SGM, simply by playing the most popular games in the world. The platform will also be a marketplace for game publishers, allowing them to sell digital and physical offerings to gamers.

The platform has been designed by a team of highly skilled, experienced, creative and passionate tech, fintech and marketing professionals to reward players for the time they spend on the platform, as well as for completing challenges and playing against other gamers from across the world.

The currency used within the SGame Pro™ecosystem, SGM, is a highly liquid ERC20 standard crypto-token, which can be used not just on the platform but also exchanged for other fiat and alt currencies. The total supply of SGM has been capped at 350 million, of which 139.5 million have already been sold in the pre-ICO sale. The ICO is scheduled to be held in June 2018, the details of which are available on the company’s website,

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing market, which is expected to reach a total of 2.3 billion gamers worldwide in 2018, spending a whopping US$137.9 billion on games, says Newzoo.

This market has evolved over time, trying out various models, with “freemium” being the popular model at present. What SGame Pro™ will do through its blockchain ecosystem is not just help publishers benefit from the added value brought by players, but also enable players to enjoy free gaming as well as gain part of the revenue generated from their time spent on the platform.

The platform will also function as a marketplace, with both physical and digital goods (premium subscriptions, gift cards, etc.) on sale, allowing players to spend their earnings. Players will also have the option to transfer their crypto earnings to an external ERC-20 compatible wallet. In addition, a referral system has been put in place, allowing members to earn SGM by inviting friends. This will also ensure the continuous flow of the token, while driving growth of the ecosystem.

Another key aim of the platform is to provide a solution for the growing concern regarding lack of social interaction and waning attention experienced on mobile games. This will be achieved through multiplayer challenges, with numerous PvP options. It will also provide players with a chatroom and live streaming, allowing them to grow a community and strengthen relationships.

With some of the best game publishers, such as Digital Bros, Colin Lane and more, already on board, with a total of 34 games and a captive audience of over 100 million players, the company is confident of the value of its platform. It offers an opportunity for both players and publishers to earn, while providing incentives for players to spend more time on the games.

The beta version of the app is to be launched soon, with the SGM token already usable. The platform’s official partner, the renowned Felix Avid Ulf Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, the #1 YouTuber in the world, will provide further insights into the platform and the unique gaming experience it offers. SGame Pro™also has a number of key influencers on board, including Marzia Bisognin, an Italian internet personality with over 7 million subscribers on her channel, which makes it the channel with the highest number of subscribers in Italy.

The support of these global influencers has bolstered the company’s confidence in its platform and the potential of its ecosystem. As the company’s tagline says: Play | Mine | Earn.

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May 18, 2018 at 10:17AM

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